Class Format

Virtual Classroom

We will be using Zoom as a virtual platform for the class sessions and Virtual Lab meetings each week. We will meet on Mondays between 7-9 pm Eastern Time and Wednesdays between 7-8 pm Eastern Time. All students in the seminar are required to attend the Monday sessions, while individual groups will be pre-assigned for the Virtual Lab sessions on Wednesdays for breakout sessions.

For security and privacy reasons, password-protected links to each session will be shared to students via SLC email. Please check your email regularly for the Zoom links.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Students do not need any Zoom subscriptions to be able to attend the seminar. The instructor will provide the links to each session as the ‘host’. To participate fully in the class, students will need to have good internet connectivity, a laptop, computer or tablet that meets minimum requirements (see here), a webcam or webcam enabled device, and a microphone.

Smartphones (Android or IOS) may be used to attend sessions if there are no alternatives. Please inform the instructor if you’re faced with technical difficulties or disruptions.

Virtual Classroom Etiquette

As this is a college seminar, students are expected to participate fully in active discussions during the class sessions. Assigned readings should be completed before the class session, and you should come prepared to ask questions and engage in conversation with fellow members of the class. The instructor will provide key points/items for the day, and will facilitate the discussion. In addition to regular classroom etiquette, students should also observe the following to help ensure a good, positive experience for everyone:

  1. Speak clearly as possible, but no yelling.
  2. Ensure, as far as possible, that you’re in a noise-free space. This may not be possible for everyone, so if needed, please use the mute function when not speaking
  3. Be respectful to fellow students – it goes without saying that any form of hate speech or discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.
  4. The chat box is open and available to everyone, but please do not abuse it – i.e. no side conversations that distract from the main class discussions.
  5. Be prepared for technical issues – we cannot all control the conditions of virtual learning, and technical difficulties can and will happen from time to time. Please be patient with one another if we’re experiencing lag, jittery connections and general instability.